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Urban strategist in London who loves social innovation, sustainable design, the future of china, and treehouses.

A dear friend of mine from Montreal. One of the funniest, sweetest guys there will ever be. Check out Jason Harvey’s tumblr here.

Part of the BIG SMALL project by Tim Kelly, in part with Pop Montreal.

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Fantastic infographic video about how much foreign fresh food Canadians are importing and what’s happening to our local farms. Also there’s a bit about how the GTA is expanding over most Ontario’s best farmland. Another reason for hatin’ on the GTA.

p.s. Yes I know this video is produced by Hellman’s…

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Hans Rosling “200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes” breaks down the history of the world (lifespan vs. avg income). But this time in… real 3D space!!! The results - jawdropping.

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Separated bike lanes are my favorite, with one way streets that are empty of cars (more rare) a close second. There is a pretty good separated bike lane along Maisonneuve Street but a common complaint is that cars turn into and through the bike lane too often, at the safety risk of cyclists. The separated bike lane along Rue Clark is a bit better but it’s only semi-permanent (the dividers are taken away in the fall/winter in space for parking) and the street is rife with potholes.

Composed out of a few hours filming on Thursday, July 28, 2011, this video for Spacing Vancouver takes a look at the year-old (Dunsmuir) and six-month-old (Hornby) separated bicycle lanes through downtown, building on last week’s feature on the lanes.

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“Dwellings”, an animation by Aaron Wendel. Over time, two houses slowly destroy each other.

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Great bee movie. I would say, even better than “Bee Movie”. It’s just not plausible that a male bee would fall in love with a human woman. Even if it’s Jerry Seinfield.

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Video of “True Blue” from Dirty Beaches. Dirty Beaches, a.k.a. Alex Zhang Hungtai was in Montreal for a while but now he’s back on the West Coast. 

Badlands – as befits a record that takes its name from the 1973 Terrence Malick film about a couple who go on a killing spree in the 50s – is more noir than cute. It locates the era’s heart of darkness. It is the debut album from Alex Zhang Hungtai, a Taiwanese-born Canadian indie kid who calls himself Dirty Beaches.

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It’s so hot outside. Must… find… a beach.

Clip of the award winning film about Coney Island (1952). An impressionistic view of a day in the life of Coney Island from the desertion in the early morning to the hysteria at midnight.

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The video is done, the video is done!!

The finale to Hitting the Benchmark. Thanks to everyone who supported us on this project, it was a lot of fun.

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